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The EXTOR-Team

MBA MSc Jörn von der Lippe (GF)

Our employees are our most important resource.
We have patents to protect the know-how that we have acquired in the years since our foundation.

Dipl. Math. Oliver  Meyer (Team leader software development)

Thanks to their decentralized structure, our solutions in the area of automatic small parts warehouses already have a very high level of availability.
If a robot fails, it is removed and its tasks are taken over by others.
If one picking port fails, work can continue on the other.
In software development, we make sure that this distributed, decentralized concept is also used.
Should one server fail, the tasks are taken over by other servers in the cluster.
This enables us to achieve a very high availability of our systems. 

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Dirk Warnecke (manager mechanical construction)

In mechanical design department, we work with the 3D CAD software SOLIDWORKS.
All data and standards relevant to the design process are stored in a cross-company database.
With the help of the database, all departments can work on a project in an interdisciplinary manner to create maximum transparency within Extor GmbH.
Microsoft Excel is available to the mechanical construction for the design and calculation of our designs.
In the design process, we can perform a FEM analysis using SOLIDWORKS simulation to simulate the physical behavior of our products.
With the statements of the FEM studies, we can shorten our test processes for a production release and thus save time and costs.